Visual Language of Manga and Comics


Manga Speech Bubbles

Topic change.

Speaking with my tutor a few days ago, we discussed how focusing on Osamu Tezuka/ Astro Boy solely wasn’t indicative to truly getting to grips with Manga as a whole. So we decided to focus on the Semiotics of Manga, to find out the historical and theoretical aspects behind it visual styles and cues.

Hopefully this will mean that I can creative a visual outcome at the end of this project that will disperse knowledge for a western audience in a new light and give manga fans some context to the visual styles they love.

Mighty Atom is animated!

Here’s the touching first episode of Mighty Atom. We see Atom come to life in this episode and find out the troubles of being a robot.

Mighty Atom!

The schematics of the Mighty Atom! This is what makes the boy robot so wonderfully powerful!