Astro Boy

So it seems my dissertation is taking a hopefully more focus core, that being one of modern mangas most prominent hero’s Astro boy! I’m hoping to disseminate information about Astro boy to new and old audiences. I shall be investigating the character, the creator (Osamu Tezuka) and what makes them both tick!

This will all hopefully be conveyed through graphic design and a written report!

Obviously there are a lot of Wikipedia references at the moment but this is the beginning stages of research and will become defined through more reliable sources.


Manga/ Anime Convention Calendar for UK! and London Mcm Expo!

Hopefully I will be able to visit Londons MCM Expo and discover and few new things about my Dissertation topic of Manga from professional artists and writers!

I am the creator.

This is my own dissertation blog, please feel free to follow the progress I make over the coming weeks and look forward to a hopefully good piece of written and visual work!